About TJCS

Tasmyn-Jain Creative Services (TJCS) was started in 2012 with a passion for helping people and the vision of offering affordable and effective online marketing & consultation services. Striving to offer solutions that add value to the online world and of course to your business/life.

TJCS works with a network of preferred service providers who are experts in their field and carefully chosen for their high ranking platforms and unique skill sets.

Whether you need a full online marketing solution or want to compliment current strategies, TJCS will create a bespoke package suitable to your need, industry, goals & budget. A passionate team that is ready to get creative & deliver results.

TJCS also like to extend expertise and skills into the real world (we sometimes like people more than computers) There are times in business when all you need is the right creative ideas, why not book a consult and see how our creative intellect can add the magic you have been looking for.

A note from Tasmyn-Jain van Niekerk 

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM? No matter what it is you dream of doing or dream of achieving with your business, I can help you correctly pave the way! 

I am a dream builder.

 I have assisted many individuals and businesses reach their goals. Easily put, I am a creative intellect with a niche for online marketing, problem-solving and creative ideas. 

I am most passionate about helping people and adding value to their lives & business, therefore my heart is truly in the Psychology of Marketing and Coaching people/teams. Through marketing & consultations, there are many ways I can help you lay the correct foundation to ensure your success.

The power of partnerships & networking coupled with ambition and drive has led me to where I am today. Working remotely, online, with the freedom of time and the offer of genuine value-added services that are affordable and effective. Online marketing should not cost thousands! Creative Ideas should not be kept a secret! Organic Online Ranking should not take years! A business should not have a high staff turn over! Sales should be easy! People should engage with your business online! You should be living the life of your dreams EVERY DAY! 

You should not allow anyone to tell you “it cannot be done” 

Building a successful business has been a very challenging and rewarding journey. I want to share my recipes for success with you and your business. Invaluable to this 5-year long journey so far is the media partners & team members I work with. They not only inspire me but have breathed life into TJCS and add incredible value to all the clients we serve. I am also most grateful to all the wonderful clients, past and present, that have given us the opportunity of assisting them over the past years, please do see what they say about us on our Facebook page or visit my profile on LinkedIn to review my corporate profile. 

Thank you for visiting my website! I hope that we can connect and add value to one another’s lives and businesses. ”